Automated Business Currency Management

The Currency OS that accelerates cross-border business
Synchronize your currency transactions with market analytics and your business operations.
Meet Okoora
Automated Business Currency Management

Okoora is the creator of Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™), a cloud-based platform that simplifies the complexity in currency management by unifying all tasks, services, and transactions over an intuitive financial infrastructure.

 A true fintech innovator, we empower businesses of all kinds to see the unseen across their global accounts and derive greater value from their cross-border transactions with less effort.

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Manage Multi-Currency Balances


Send And Receive Payments

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Optimize Your Cashflow

Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) is the only cloud-based platform for managing the currency lifecycle.
Leverage Your Multi-Currency Operations For Global Growth.
What You Can Do With Okoora

Collect and send payments in 100+ currencies. Streamline expenses. Save time, effort, and money. Respond effectively to market events in real time.

Risk Reduction

Receive alerts and risk analyses. Protect your liquid funds. Stabilize your ongoing cashflow. Identify unforeseen future currency requirements.


Synchronize your currency activities with real-time market data. Connect your business apps and bank data. Automate procurement procedures with vendors


Manage unique multi-currency wallets. Open local accounts in 30+ countries. Issue and manage vCards for your employees. Deposit excess liquidity.

The ERP of Currency Management

Currency Simplified For Any Industry

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